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‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply our knowledge to begin the journey…’

'Let my passion for nutrition be your key to achievement'


Wayne Johnson

Amazing site Nathan. I thought I knew about nutrition until I spoke to you.

Nearly 2.5% body fat loss in a month and increased body muscle.

What can’t speak, can’t lie!

Simon Grove

I’ve recently experimented with the Paleo diet and reduced my body fat to 10% and lost a stone and a half, however now I am going in the other direction by attempting to put on weight whilst maintaining a low body fat percentage.

After speaking with Nathan Black and discussing my intake on the Paleo diet Nathan introduced a new meal plan that would fit in with my daily work and social life style in order to increase weight and provide me the right types of fuels at the right time of day to help me with my workouts.

I would recommend New-U-trition Ltd due to the very extensive experience and knowledge Nathan has of food and it’s bio chemical reaction within the body, based on your requirements as an individual you can achieve your goals via the meals plans set out during consultation with Nathan.


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