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Matt Taylor

At 16 I joined the Royal Marines which began my journey into sports and fitness. The training was intense to say the least and I developed a good base level of strength and fitness.

On my discharge from the military I had more time to devote to my training and took it more seriously. I trained with heavy weights combined with cardiovascular exercise and circuit training and achieved good results which I improved with supplement use. However whilst my knowledge of exercise and supplementation was good, I lacked the proper nutrition and diet.

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In January 2012 I joined B.C One with the aim of competing professionally in a few years. This is where I was introduce to Nathan Black who provided the nutritional advice that I hadn’t realised had been missing to support my training needs, my personal goals and my individual needs.

Nathan reviewed my diet and designed a new one and I was shocked to see the mistakes I was making with what I thought was an impeccable diet.

After following the new plan I saw massive changes in just 6 weeks. I gained 7lb and my strength has increased in all my lifts. I feel great and physically more energetic. I have maintained my speed and athleticism despite the weight gain, which means the gains, are in the form of lean muscle mass which is only accredited to my new nutritional plan.

The plan has helped me break through the plateau in my training and I’m looking forward to the future as I become stronger and faster in my sport.
Thanks Nathan.

Matt Black

I had been training regularly for the best part of two years and slowly my diet had improved over the course of that time.
However, although I was seeing great results in my fitness and strength levels I wasn’t seeing any in my weight or fat loss.

I convinced myself that my nutrition was good enough and it was somehow linked with my training ie not doing it often enough. So I had a personal trainer twice a week and attempted to work alone three times a week (easier said than done when you are not witnessing your desired results)

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I joined a new gym and started CrossFitting 4 or 5 times a week. My fitness and strength levels found new highs but I still wasn’t leaning up despite me making tweaks and adjustments to my diet.

I was frustrated. It was at this point I saw Nathan.
Nathan made me write down everything I ate and drank and the times I did over a three day period. He then established my goals and constructed a food plan based on those things.

He also educated me in the foods I was eating to a point where in a real short period of time he changed the way I looked at food altogether. He empowered me to know what I should be looking for in my food when checking the label and putting a meal together. So he was teaching me how to eat fish and not simply handing me a fish, which has literally changed my whole outlook.

I stuck to his food plan. After two weeks I started to see real results and it’s these result that keep you focused and steady on your path. Despite eating fewer calories than I was, I felt faster and stronger than ever before because Nathan had me eating the right calories.

What Nathan has taught me is priceless. I can eat a cheat meal or two and know exactly what I have to do to offset it. I am planning ahead with my meals all the time and enjoy everything I eat. It really has been an education for me and I have achieved this in a really short space of time. I learnt more in half an hour in Nathans company than I had in thirty three years of books, internet and word of mouth.

In total I have lost almost a stone of fat in approx eight weeks. Nathan will alter my food plan to stop the weight from falling but only when I am ready … I am still enjoying losing the fat too much to make any changes just yet.

Berni Allen – my testimonial

Food = fuel = energy
A very simple formula that I’d not exactly been following, and I was letting the tank run on empty whilst I was trying to go uphill at 80 mph.
I was feeling tired and listless most of the time, feeling dizzy and lightheaded during training. Had been to Doctors who blamed my lack of energy on low blood pressure.
A session with Nathan showed me that I was eating the wrong things at the wrong time.
Carbs had never been my friend, because carbs = calories = weight gain. So I nearly choked when the diet plan started with porridge for breakfast, I thought if I started there, the whole day would end up being one long roman banquet.

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But everyone was raving about New-U-Trition and I’d seen people I really respect achieve the changes that they wanted, so I threw caution to the wind and trusted in the advice Nathan was giving.
Nearly 90 days later, I’m eating a real variety of food throughout the day with different plans to match the training I am doing. There’s a lot more of it and its tasty too!
No weight gain, just loads more energy.
I’m working harder at the gym, feeling stronger and able to sustain longer efforts. My Saturday mornings typically include a Cross Fit Workout of the Day, an 8 mile trail run on the Chase and an hour working on my weight lifting technique …. all in one morning and without a nap in the afternoon.
Results? At the start of the month I came 13th out of over 200 women in my first ever 10k cross country obstacle race (steep hills, muddy off-road tracks, water jumps, crawling under cargo nets and barbed wire).

Alison Simmons

Before seeing Nathan, I was wearing size 12 clothes which had got rather tight and probably should have been 14’s, I am now in size 10’s. Never in all my adult life have I worn a size 10 before!

I have tried various diets over the years i.e. weight watchers, slimming world and have lost weight but the weight has slowly crept back on and I certainly never managed to wear size 10 clothes before, I’m in the best shape I have been in years.

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I was a bit sceptical at first after talking with Nathan as he suggested eating after I had trained which would be well after 9.30 pm most nights. Surely if I ate that late I would be putting on weight and not losing it! But it worked.

In the first 5 days I lost 3 lbs, relaxed the diet over the weekend, and then lost another 2 lbs over the next 5 days, and have continued to do so, brilliant! It’s all about eating the right food at the right time for you. It’s not a diet, it’s a life style, I know I can relax my eating habits over the weekend and pick up again on a Monday morning.

Plans are individual to each person, after all, none of us are the same, we all have different requirements, whether we want to lose weight, gain weight or just be stronger. Be brave, make contact, you will be amazed.

Donna Morris

I had participated in outdoor exercise for two years and eaten reasonably well, but my weight had reached a plateau and I needed to make changes.

The first action was to change to Crossfit. This form of exercise was completely new to me, but I still needed to lose more weight to enable me to improve my Crossfit performance. The next course of action was New-U-Trition. After two meetings with Nathan I was given my eating plan, devised specifically for my needs – to lose weight and improve my energy for fitness.

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Three months later – I am a stone lighter and my energy levels have improved enormously!! I have acheived many new targets, conquered new exercises and have much more stamina to keep going through a Crossfit session. I have also achieved a pretty impressive deadlift PB!!!!

Thank you so much Nathan, I have a lot to thank you for!!!

Ian Stanley

I have worked in the Sports Industry for 15 years, I have been a personal trainer for 11 years and 3 years ago I had a dream which has now become a reality.

BC ONE CrossFit Cannock is now a nationally recognised Cross Fit centre of excellence. I could never have imagined that my dream could be such a reality and such a success.

But I struggled with one aspect in my exercise/lifestyle and this was my diet. I had always eaten very healthy and what I thought to be clean but I was just not shaping up as I wanted. I couldn’t train any harder or longer and I had reached a brick wall. All my effort was going unrewarded.

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I’d tried many many different types and styles of diet to help me break through this plateau that I’d reached but no matter what I tried the last bit of fat wouldn’t budge and my abs were like a ninja on a mission.  You know they are there but you just can’t see them!!

I had decided that this was my lot and that the definition I so desired would elude me and I gave up on the thought of ever seeing my abs, until I met Nathan.

The concept of what we worked on initially was incomprehensible. The nutritional plan that was tailored specifically to me saw me eating more yet losing weight. The fat started to fall off me and the definition and muscle tone that I had worked so hard on over the years started to appear and within weeks I had lost 8% of body fat and 18 lb, 9 kilos of body weight and my abs were showing. I was amazed.

The advice and support that I received from Nathan was invaluable at every stage of my journey. We adjusted the nutritional plan to suit me as I changed and this was the key. As I changed, IT changed and then I changed some more. It was amazing and continues to be.

I have never felt better. I am stronger than ever, I have more power in my work outs and I don’t feel tired like I used to.

And I have 6 new friends just above by trousers!!!

Carrie Beckket

As a fitness and Zumba instructor I have experienced many different types of generic diet, nutrition and health plans all proclaiming to deliver results, many of which are short lived, exceptionally rigid or simply not effective.

I first heard about New-U-Trition through a family member and decided to speak to Nathan myself regarding my own personal goals for my body.

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I found the consultation very specific to my needs taking into account my current diet, exercise regime, and lifestyle. The information I was provided with was an eye opener especially given my years in the business!

New-u-Trition were able to tailor make an individual plan for me specifically.

Since following the plan I have lost 8lbs in the first 3 weeks not to mention the difference in my attitude towards food.

The plan allows me to be flexible In terms of treats when necessary and the ongoing 1-2-1 support and advice has been invaluable in the progress I’ve made.

Regardless of your level of exercise or current needs if you want to achieve new goals give them a call and find out for yourself!

Lucie Anslow

Where shall I begin…Hey why not ‘The Whole Story!’

As a recovering serial over trainer and 34-year-old female with ‘Sportsmans Anorexia’ this time I needed the help and support of a trusted professional to assist me in achieving my goals of healthy eating, body fat reduction but most important for me physical and mental strength, I was tired of being the skinny fat one I needed to make the change!

Knowing myself that the first thing I would be told was ‘eat more’ and ‘you must eat carbs’ (as they were erased from my diet for around 3 years, thinking the were bad) could lead to a major set back and spiralling back into depression, I knew

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  • I had to be able to trust in the advise I have been given
  • That appreciating that just an email or phone call away my nutrition plan could be critiqued , queried and adapted would be a great security to me
  • Trusting the knowledge and ‘Science’ behind a bespoke eating plan, with logic and reason given was an inspiration
  • Believing in my nutritional advisor and more importantly MYSELF is empowering in itself
  • Seeing the results are astounding

After only 7 days my clothes are baggy, all excess water and some body fat have fallen off! * Leaving my stomach flat (with the six-pack back in my sights!) thighs not wobbling and a totally awesome renewed confidence and THE best feeling of self-worth!

So ‘bite the bullet’ ‘take the bull by the horns’ and many more clichés I’m sure..but I hope that my story inspires you to take that one step closer to your goal, whatever it may be!

My new nutrition has given me my life back, in more ways than one!


After giving birth to my beautiful baby girl, I knew my next challenge was not only getting to grips with being a new mummy, but also to lose my post baby weight, 21lbs!.

Being an avid gym goer (and I mean every day, sometimes twice a day!!), I knew I had to juggle the two.

Before starting this nutrition plan, I would literally go most of the day not eating, or sometimes snacking then I would eat whatever took my fancy in the evening, and most of the time it was something quick, convenient and very little ‘good’ nutritional value, and I wondered why my weight was not shifting?

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I have now been sticking to my new nutrition plan for 6 weeks, I exercise when I can, I eat my meals throughout the day, I am full of energy.

I rarely feel hungry but if I do, I now know how to have a ‘healthy’ snack.

The plan has given me a whole new outlook on nutrition; it’s amazing and is so simple to understand.

I weigh less now than before I was pregnant, and best of all I can wear skinny jeans again!!


Lee Harper

A big thank you to Nathan Black.

He provided me with a food plan.

Only been on it a week, already noticing results. Eating more food and better quality than before at regular times.
Bloating feeling gone and feeling more alert.

Thank you very much.


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