Diet and nutritional Planning:

The right diet is a key part of losing weight, gaining lean muscle or both. Without it your efforts go unrewarded. With a specialised nutritional plan, bespoke to you and tailored to your goals we can make this happen.

At your first consultation your nutritionist will discuss with you what you would like to achieve, your current diet and general health and provide specific nutritional advice on dietary changes that will be tailored to your personal goals.
We can provide a range of services from simply reviewing and making adjustments to your current diet to a more specific personal diet plan created for you as part of our Diet MOT.

You may also wish to continue reviewing your dietary requirements as changes to your body occur or discuss supplementing different ingredients to your new plan. We offer both face to face and remote (via email or text) consultations and advice to support your journey to the new you.

Our prices page lists the consultation charges and also gives details of our package prices which, if you would prefer more regular advice and support, will offer a more attractive option. If you are looking at weight management a monthly package may be perfect for you or as an athelete you may need something more specific. Our nutritionist would be pleased to discuss any requirements that you have and offer consultation packages which suit you.

Weight Management:

Once you’ve reached your goal staying there is as important as getting their. The nutritional plan that our nutritionists design for you is one that will evolve with you and develop with you.

Our nutritionists can continue to review your nutritional plans as you reach your goals.

Nutritional Workshops:

Working with business and industry, education and sports organisations our expert nutritionists will advise on improving an individual’s health and lifestyle with improved nutritional plans. Our workshops can help individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle and improve their wellbeing.

Advice from our expert nutritionists will contribute to reducing absenteeism and increasing performance. Our affordable packages range from lunch hour workshops to full nutritional advice days.

Sports Nutrition:

Strength, power, endurance and recovery are all directly linked to the food that we eat. Tailoring your nutritional intake will significantly improve your performance in your chosen sporting arena.

The definition of focus is knowing where you want to be today, next week, next month, next year, then never deviating from your plan…