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‘Nothing happens unless first a dream’

'Let my passion for nutrition be your key to achievement'

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strawberries Nutrition and the impact it has on the body‘Nothing is going to be handed to you. You have to make things happen’

My passion for nutrition and the impact it has on the body began in 2003.

Nathan Black Nutrition and the impact it has on the bodyAs a competitive sportsman I had two severe knee injuries in quick succession that pretty much ended my playing days. My rehabilitation saw me spend days, weeks and months in the gym going through rehab and what seemed an eternity with my physiotherapist.

During this time I had spent so much time in the gym that this now became my passion. I learned how to exercise, how to do it right and how to get the best from my workout. My body and my look was starting to give me a new-found confidence that I’d missed for so long not playing competitive sports.

It was during this time I decided to compete as a bodybuilder. I entered the English Federation of British Bodybuilding’s national competition and it was during this time that my relationship with nutrition evolved.

I needed to know how nutrients worked in the body, their effect in the body and the optimum time to consume them to ensure it functioned efficiently and effectively.

Nathan Bodybuilder Nutrition and the impact it has on the bodyMy research and my application of this knowledge astounded me as my strength and power grew, my body changed. I was amazed at what the right nutrients at the right time in the right quantity could do for me.

I became and continue to be so very passionate about how nutrients works in the body, and just how it can make it change.

I studied in Nutrition and Nutrition and Weight Management and my approach is a simple one. It’s not about diets and crazy eating patterns, obscure foods or drinking strained cabbage threw a straw it’s about applying the science of nutrition to suit the individual’s needs. Be it to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass or increase performance during exercise.

It’s about the right food, at the right time in the right quantities to suit your goals.

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